Therapeutic Massage

Specializing in a relaxing, anatomy-based massage, Laura’s techniques include a blend of myofascial release, Thai, Shiatsu, deep tissue, reflexology and lymphatic therapies. Highly adept at working with people of all ages and fitness levels, Laura is also able to assist with stretching and training suggestions if needed. Deeper work is never an extra charge.  The work might be deep, medium or light depending on your state of body and mind.

Personal Training

Specializing in Corrective Exercise, Laura knows how to work with and around injuries to keep you on target for your fitness goals.  And if you have wanted to start a workout routine, but are just too busy to even think about how to get started, Laura can help!   As a certified personal trainer, Laura will  help you to set up an efficient workout routine. She will show you how to get a safe, effective, and fun full-body workout using minimal equipment. She will evaluate your current health status and fitness level and, after that, the training begins! Sometimes you just need accountability to make that shift into healthful living. Laura can provide that!

Cancellation Policy

Due to Covid-19, you may cancel your appointment with a few hours notice.  It’s more important that you stay home if you are feeling sick. Thank you for your understanding!

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