Personal Training 

Laura offers personal training for weight-loss, balance, flexibility, strength and general well-being.  A pain-free lifestyle, full of movement and joy is attainable if you put in the work.  Laura is there for accountability, guidance, form-watch and injury rehab and prevention.


Available in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.


60 Minute Session

Please contact me to set up a training schedule.


45 Minute Session

Please contact me to set up a training schedule.


30 Minute Session

Please contact me to set up a training schedule.


30 Minute Virtual Session

Via Facetime or Zoom. Please contact me to set up a training schedule.


Location For Training

Online or at my convenient location near Pacific Market at:

Paramount Fitness
1460 Town and Country Dr
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

No gym membership fees!

Training Approach

Specializing in Corrective Exercise, Laura knows how to work with and around injuries to keep you on target for your fitness goals.  And if you have wanted to start a workout routine, but are just too busy to even think about how to get started, Laura can help!   As a certified personal trainer, Laura will  help you to set up an efficient workout routine. She will show you how to get a safe, effective, and fun full-body workout using minimal equipment. She will evaluate your current health status and fitness level and, after that, the training begins! Sometimes you just need accountability to make that shift into healthful living. Laura can provide that!

Laura trains using Dynamic Movement and Functional Training concepts.  Training with Laura means that you will be mimicking actual body movements with the goal of gaining strength to assist you in either:

  • everyday endeavors
  • a specific sport or job

She also trains for weight loss by moving quickly between exercises to promote optimal cardio conditioning.  Balance training is also an important component of fitness, especially as we age.  Laura utilizes Bosu Ball training and other body weight exercises to address any deficiencies.  A big fan of Pete Egoscue and Gray Cook, Laura loves to research issues that are coming up for her clients, as a way to help her clients reach their optimal potential. Plus, it gives Laura an opportunity to stay up all the newest in wellness research. She stays current through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

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Personal Training

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