Laura’s Qualifications

Personal Training

In July 2008, Laura was certified through the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.). Specializing in Corrective Exercise, Laura knows how to work with and around injuries to keep you on target for your fitness goals. Laura trains using Dynamic Movement and Functional Training concepts. Training with Laura means that you will be mimicking actual body movements with the goal of gaining strength to assist you in either:

  • everyday endeavors
  • a specific sport or job

She also trains for weight loss by moving quickly between exercises to promote optimal cardio conditioning. Balance training is also an important component of fitness, especially as we age. Laura utilizes Bosu Ball training and other body weight exercises to address any deficiencies. A big fan of Pete Egoscue and Gray Cook, Laura loves to research issues that are coming up for her clients, as a way to help her clients reach their optimal potential. Plus, it gives Laura an opportunity to stay up all the newest in wellness research. She stays current through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

As a former forester, Laura maintains an abiding love and respect for the natural world. She chooses green, planet-friendly workout supplies as part of her commitment to reduce her impact on the planet.

Massage and Bodywork

Laura’s expert massage modalities are a combination of Lymphatic, Thai, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, NMR, Sports massage and intuition.


Laura’s Massage Therapy & Personal Training Education & Experience:

  • Certification with 720 hours: National Holistic Institute (N.H.I.): Emeryville, CA; 2000.
  • Lymphatic Massage Certificate, Level I: Daya Fisch, Sebastopol, CA; 2007
  • Traditional Thai Massage: East West Massage School, Sebastopol, CA; 2008
  • Functional Training and Assessment Workshop, San Jose, ACE; 2009
  • The Art of Chair Massage: Dorothy Schwartzberg, at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, Freestone, CA; 2010
  • ACE’s Practical Guide to Exercise Coaching, Online ACE Course; 2010
  • Conducting Postural Assessments, Online ACE Course; 2010
  • Flexibility Training Specialist, Online ACE Course; 2010
  • Women’s Home Workout Bible, Online ACE Course; 2012
  • Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease, Online ACE Course; 2012
  • Core Matters, Tone Pilates Studio; 2012
  • Intro to NMR:  Protocols for Hips and Low Back Protocols, at Healus, Mill Valley, CA; 2013
  • Top Ten Corrective Exercises, Online ACE Course; 2013
  • Your Client’s Framework—7 Steps to Healthly Muscles, Bones, Joints (Shoulder, Knee and Low Back).  ACE Fitness; 2013
  • Assisted Stretching by ACE; June 2016
  • Athletic Body in Balance by Gray Cook; July 2016
  • Conditioning the Core. June 2020
  • TRX Training; June 2020

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